Now You Know One Autistic!

1 month ago
Leah Appel
Moshe Appel
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Unpacking neurodiversity in relationships: Marriage, meltdowns, and making it all work.

Dive deep into the unique and often enlightening world of Moshe and Leah with ”Now You Know One Autistic!” This thought-provoking podcast invites listeners to explore neurodiversity through the lens of a married couple with contrasting neurofunctionalities. From candid discussions about their daily lives to navigating the intricacies of relationships, Moshe and Leah offer invaluable insights and address common misconceptions surrounding autism spectrum disorder.

Their engaging dialogue challenges the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach to understanding autism, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the individuality of each person on the spectrum. With a new episode released weekly, listeners can expect to gain a deeper understanding of neurodiversity and find inspiration in Moshe and Leah’s shared experiences.

Whether you’re an adult navigating life with autism or a parent seeking guidance after a recent diagnosis, ”Now You Know One Autistic” promises to provide a wealth of knowledge, dialogue, and understanding from the unique perspective of its hosts. Join Moshe and Leah on their journey as they unpack neurodiversity in relationships and invite listeners to embrace the beauty of differences.

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